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Government of West Bengal
Directorate of Forests

Wildlife Wing

Mamata Banerjee
Hon'ble Chief Minister, Government of West Bengal
Sri Bratya Basu
Hon'ble Minister in Charge, Forests, Government of West Bengal
Sri Sujit Bose
Hon'ble Minister of State, Forests, Government of West Bengal
Notice for Bonya Pran Sathi Prokolpo 2019-20  Download
Organisation Structure of Forest Directorate  Download
What's New
Bonya Pran Sathi Prokolpo 2019-20 - Rules & Regulations and Application Form  Download
Closure of National Parks and Sanctuaries during rainy Season  Download
Entry Fees for Protected Areas in West Bengal  Download
Rate for Eco-tourism Centres under Wildlife Wing  Download

State Icons

State Tree

Bengali Name : Chatim
English Name : Blackboard tree / Indian devil tree / Ditabark/ Milkwood pine/ White cheesewood
Scientific Name : Alstonia scholaris

State Animal

Bengali Name : Baghrol /Mecho Beral
English Name : Fishing Cat
Scientific Name : Prionailurus viverrinus

State Flower

Bengali Name : Shiuli / Parijat
English Name : Night flowering Jasmine
Scientific Name : Nyctanthes arbor-tristis

State Bird

Bengali Name : Sada Buk Machranga
English Name : White-Breasted Kingfisher
Scientific Name : Halycon smyrnensis